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Hi ! My name is Casey and I'm the pasture manager at Casa el Caballo Stables. I know my way around the place pretty well Casey - Casa el Caballo Pasture Managerso Chuck - he's the owner of Casa el Caballo - has asked me if I'd show you an easy way to get around our new web site!.

Let me start by saying that we have Navigation Buttons on all of our main pages. They can be found at the top of the page and they lead to our main categories. We also have Contact Information listed near the bottom of each page. At the very bottom of each page, we have text links to all of the pages on the site. To make things even easier for you, we have also listed our pages below, along with a brief description and direct links to each page.

We are proud that our web site is labeled with ICRA as "Family Friend/Child Safe" - so you can relax and have fun browsing our site! And don't forget to visit our "What's New" page for all the latest and greatest news about Casa el Caballo Stables.

* Home Page - An introduction to Casa el Caballo Stables.

* Our Facility - Description of the wonderful features of our facility.

* Our Horses - Information about the Casa el Caballo horses. Also features photographs!

* Our Stallions - Provides info on our magnificent Paso Fino Stallion.

* Sale Horses - A list of our current Sale horses.

* A Day at Our Farm - A Photo Gallery of our favorite pictures (including a pic of yours truly ...Casey!)

* Copyright & Privacy Policy - Casa el Caballo's Copyright Statement & Privacy Policy.

* What's New - A convenient page where returning visitors can see "What's New" at Casa el Caballo!

* Address - 212 Greenville Farm Lane, Staunton VA 24401
* Email -
* Phone Number - 540-886-2812

* Webmaster - ( For feedback/questions about our web site )

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